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Sherlock Holmes Tamil Dubbed --> DOWNLOAD

Sherlock Holmes Tamil Dubbed --> DOWNLOAD

Inside the Home Movies of Sherlock HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Sherlock Holmes' sharp brain and deadly grip have made the arresting figure in Victorian London's detective mysteries since Arthur Conan Doyle first brought Holmes to readers in 1887. Now, the new film starring Robert Downey Jr. aims to revive one of the original stories, "The Adventure of the Baffling Banker," and recreate it in the style of the classic Holmes and Watson films. Director Guy Ritchie takes the famous pair to New York City in "Sherlock Holmes" (opening Wednesday). He stars as Holmes, Downey as Watson. In the brief and basic story, Holmes and Watson travel to New York to investigate a mysterious bank heist. Holmes is at the top of his game in this first of his three films. Watson doesn't even figure into the plot, and his part is limited to providing a supporting voice. "Sherlock Holmes" does not do much to breathe life into the character, nor does it put down roots anywhere. But it does have a few moments when it comes off rather well, as when Holmes and Watson walk through a New York slum. Holmes is quick-witted and very good-looking, yet it is his absolute gentleness that makes it believable that a man of his dark charms would exist in this manor. And there is a jolt of electricity when Downey finally gets to play around. The scenes of the pair working at a detective agency are genuine, hilarious fun. While the characters are usually described as a bickering bromance, there is a genuine closeness between Downey's Watson and Jude Law's Holmes. Like Downey and Law's characters, their spirited relationship seems like a benign kind of love. "Sherlock Holmes" shows the duo at their best when the action kicks in, and there's no harm in seeing them have fun with their detective work. But the film takes a few stumbles when it attempts to do that, as well as delve into the period in England and New York. Holmes and Watson seem to step out of the past but the way they speak is like 1950s television. That's not entirely Downey's fault, but Ritchie should have made sure his actors spoke in the early 20th century style of the Holmes stories. Their modern-day banter and joking and


Sherlock Holmes Tamil Dubbed

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