Balancing life and creativity

At the time of writing this entry I'm juggling a few things. While facing the character-building process of getting Vengeance of Hope published, I am also rereading it, one last time. I say last because as anyone who has ever written a book knows, this is something you obsess over endlessly, but this obsession is something you have to keep in check. You put your heart and soul into your work, but there comes a time when you have to let it out into the world and hope that people like it. In my case, with any luck people will enjoy Vengeance of Hope and will go on to read its sequel, King of the Republic, the second in what is planned to be a four book series.

Now we come to what is for me, the most important part of this entry. In April this year, for my wife and I, life changed with the birth of our beautiful baby daughter. Having a child is the most wonderful thing anyone could have happen to them and I love my little girl more than words can say. People talk about how they enjoy seeing characters develop in books, but there's nothing quite like seeing your own child develop and thrive before your very eyes.

I have learnt many things in this time, yet, as poignant as some of those lessons are, I've also found that when my daughter is asleep and all the housework is temporarily under control, it's time to write. After all, who knows when the next opportunity will be? No more sitting around waiting for inspiration. You have to use the time that you have.

Being a parent in the writing industry is a balancing act, just as it is for any working parent, but it is one that I am privileged to experience.