Author Spotlight: Caleb N Kelly

Hello all,

Today I am doing an author spotlight on one of my fellow fantasy fiction world-builders. So, without further ado, over to Caleb N Kelly:

Caleb N. Kelly

Caleb Kelly, born in a small town in Georgia, sought to become an author ever since he was a young child. After a ten year move to South Carolina he returned to Georgia where he met and married wife Courtney and together they raise their son, D’Artagnan. Caleb is currently pursuing a BA in Creative Writing with hopes of applying that degree to his dreams of becoming a published author.

Caleb's Books

The first of my “Silence of the Gods” short story series has arrived!! If you love action mixed with mythology, topped with a dash of unexpected surprises, you’ll love “The Ferryman’s Disciples!”

Segree has but three more minor gods left before he can take on the Greek Pantheon of Zeus and his siblings. Right now, Charon the Ferryman is in his sights! Axe meets scythe in this clash of two supernatural warriors!

Special offer!

"Silence of the Gods" can be downloaded for free via Caleb's website. You can then claim the sequels by signing up to his newsletter. For more details, follow the link below!

Caleb's website: