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Hello all!

I’m so excited to announce that the Vengeance of Hope audiobook, narrated by the wonderful Chris Dukes, is out now on Amazon, Audible and iTunes!

I have 10 FREE promo codes to give away. Just email me via the website if you’d like one, or comment on this post if your viewing this on social media.

First come, first served!

Click here to download your copy!

Vengeance of Hope is medieval epic fantasy fiction with a military edge. Devious plots, political intrigue, and bloody battles are all just a part of life in the Kingdom of Bennvika.

Can freedom ever be for all?

How do you save a nation from tyranny?

When the King of Bennvika dies in suspicious circumstances and a foreign usurper named Jostan Kazabrus seizes the throne, ruthlessly imposing his will on the population, a disunited triumvirate of leaders and their followers must attempt to resist him.

The first is Silrith, the ousted philanthropic princess who had been expected to take the throne.

The second is Ezrina, a vengeful rebel who is desperate to overturn the years of ethnic oppression of her people, the Hentani.

The third is Zethun, a minor noble who believes the only way to fight for the common people is to abolish the monarchy altogether.

As the various factions fight the threat of tyranny and religious persecution, each must be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for their cause.

I’m looking for verified reviews to help publiscise the audiobook, so if you could leave a review, I'd be really grateful!

Happy listening!


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