Author Interview - Jacqueline Terrill

Hello all,

I hope you're having a great week. Today I'm talking to American thriller author Jacqueline Terrill.

PB: So, Jacqueline, welcome to Tell us a bit about your background.

JT: I've been an entrepreneur over twenty years of my lilfe.

PB: What made you decide to become an author?

JT: I honestly pre-conceived my Authorship when I was in the sixth grade. I told my best friend that I was going to write a book one day! Here we are!

PB: When did you first start writing?

JT: I started to write as an Author in 2013.

PB: What was the first story that you can remember writing?

JT: The Hunt.

PB: And speaking of your recent novel, The Hunt, tell us a bit about that.

JT: The book is about a woman that is married for thirty years, and her marriage declines, and she tries to keep it together as much as she can. No matter what she does, she runs into detours that cause her to keep her feet on the ground, and stay strong.

PB: What inspires you?

JT: Loving what I do, by being creative, and finishing a story that people will like.

PB: Of all your achievements, which are you most proud of?

JT: Winning an award in business in 2005 & 2006 for being one of the The Most Influential Professionals in Las Vegas at the Bellagio.

PB: What is your favourite book series to read and why?

JT: Mystery - I want to know what, why, how, and where.

PB: What are your long term ambitions career wise?

JT: To collaborate stories with another author in my same genre.

PB: If you weren’t an author, what career would you be in?

JT: Business Owner

PB: What’s the next target for you?

JT: Female audience between the ages of twenty-five and above.

PB: Tell us a random fact about yourself.

JT: I love the beach, ocean, and the sand! I'm a Leo.

Thank you Jacqueline for talking to us today.

Don't forget, guys, you can find out more about Jacqueline's work and purchase The Hunt via the below links:

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