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Author Spotlight - Amy Beatty

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Today's author spotlight is on fantasy author Amy Beatty, the creator of one of the best books I've read in a very long time, Dragon Ascending, the first book in the Vanir Dragon Series


Amy Beatty is the author of The Vanir Dragon Series and the Viper Series. Her work has been compared to Robert Jordan’s, and her debut novel, Dragon Ascending (2018) was reviewed by Orson Scott Card (Author of Ender’s Game), who recommended it highly, calling it “an extraordinarily entertaining and innovative treatment of dragons.”

Amy was raised in the wilds of Yellowstone Park as part of an experiment in combining the genes of a respected biologist with those of a grammar aficionado. She now lives in the mountains of Utah with her husband and two delightfully unconventional children under the benevolent dictatorship of a toy fox terrier who is determined to take over the world one delivery truck at a time.

Dragon Ascending

Edrik, son of the murdered Drake regent, never gained his dragon magic and cannot shapeshift into his dragon form. Unfit to marry his love, the Princess Lissara, Edrik embarks on a dangerous mission to prove himself worthy. He seeks Lissara's missing father, the dragon king, before an enemy usurps the throne.

Unfortunately, the search for the king brings Edrik to a dungeon located in human territory. Inside the prison, Edrik discovers the missing king, whose captors are unaware of his true identity. Edrik must rely on a grubby young dungeon keeper to help them escape without disclosing that his companion is the dragon king. But the dungeon keeper has a secret identity as well, one that will change Edrik's destiny forever. Click the image to purchase your copy now!





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