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Jostan Kazabrus

Jostan Iskiartus Castervantus Kazabrus is a Verusantian nobleman whose ambition poses a great threat to the people of Bennvika. He was born at his family residence in Gorgreb, Bruskannia, Verusantium in 1490 AU. This is his story prior to the events of Vengeance of Hope.

Early Life Jostan is the only surviving son of Margus Kazabrus, Governor of Bruskannia, and Turiskia Alfwyn, half-sister of King Lissoll III of Bennvika, making him a cousin of Princess Silrith and Prince Fabrald. He became Governor of Bruskannia after the death of his father in 1512 AU. Religious Views Jostan grew up in a time of widespread religious intolerance in Verusantium. As was common for a child of a noble Verusantian family, he was tutored by priests, who left him in no doubt that the Verusantian god, Estarron, was the one true Lord, and that any other faiths were false. From an early age he accompanied his parents to witness the execution of non-believers, and when he was fifteen he volunteered to join a local group of Emperor Graggasteidus’ ‘Heretic Hunters’. It was a task that would become a bloodthirsty obsession, and as the years progressed, Jostan became consumed by the idea that he had been chosen as Estarron‘s most favoured servant. Jostan is notorious for his lack of remorse in this. He has been quoted as saying ‘regrets are for the unfaithful’. He is also known to have claimed that he spent hours of his adolescent years locked away in his rooms in the Governor’s Palace that his father, and subsequently he himself, owned, studying holy scripture, though it has been whispered that while his knowledge of the divine word was good, he often had too many lithe young women in his rooms at this time for anyone to believe he was busy speaking with his god. Other Pursuits As has always been expected of youthful rulers, Jostan is a well built man of renowned physical fitness. He hunts, wrestles, fences and falcons to a very high level.

Claim to the Bennvikan Throne

Jostan has a strong claim to the Bennvikan throne, as he is King Lissoll III's nephew.

Image courtesy of Tom Morel at Unsplash.

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