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Jostan Kazabrus

Jostan Iskiartus Castervantus Kazabrus is a Verusantian nobleman whose ambition poses a great threat to the people of Bennvika. He was born at his family residence in Gorgreb, Bruskannia, Verusantium in 1490 AU. This is his story prior to the events of Vengeance of Hope.

Early Life Jostan is the only surviving son of Margus Kazabrus, Governor of Bruskannia, and Turiskia Alfwyn, half-sister of King Lissoll III of Bennvika, making him a cousin of Princess Silrith and Prince Fabrald. He became Governor of Bruskannia after the death of his father in 1512 AU. Religious Views Jostan grew up in a time of widespread religious intolerance in Veru