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The Divisios

The Divisios are the units of elite soldiers the the Bennvikan military is famous for. While not having a large scale standing army like its neighbour Medrodor, Bennvika does have this force available at all times to defend against a sudden attack and to keep order. In this way, they are similar to the Lance Guardsmen of the Verusantian Empire.

Role and Unit Size Kriganheim Divisio are twice the size of others. Every province has them. Divisio One is always a cavalry unit. Rank Structure and Uniforms Each Bennvikan province has ten Divisios at its disposal, numbering a total of five thousand troops the case of each province. The exception to this rule is Kriganheim where, being the capital province, each divisio is double the size of their equivalents elsewhere. Each province has a chief invicturion, who is in charge of all ten of the province’s divisions. Each individual divisio is led by an invicturion, and the chief invicturion is simultaneously invicturion of Divisio One. Each invicturion has a subordinate officer, a corpralis, to help them run the divisio. The corpralis of Divisio One is the second highest ranking by officer in the province. After the chief invicturion, the Divisio One Corpralis, the other invicturions and the other corpralises come the standard bearers and finally, the divisiomen, who make up the rank and file of any divisio unit. The different ranks are identifiable through the following factors: Chief Invicturion – Single large white transverse horsehair crest with black stripes

Invicturion – Single small metal crest running front to back. The invicturion also wears a white sash across their chest.

Corpralis – Single small metal crest running front to back

Standard-bearers and Divisiomen – No crest Armour and Weapons In each province, Divisio One is a heavy cavalry unit, while Divisios Two to Ten perform a heavy infantry role. In either case, the each soldier wears scaled armour over a layer of chain mail and an emerald green tunic. Their capes are the same colour. For defence, each soldier carries a large shield. These are rectangular in the case of the infantry and rounded for the cavalry, although cavalrymen have been known to ride with infantry shield strapped to their backs in case they have to dismount. The Divisioman is also well armed offensively. Their first line of attack is the pilum, similar to a javelin, which a soldier would throw in unison with their comrades to interrupt the charge of an onrushing enemy. If the pilum fails to kill their victim outright and instead hits their shield, its weight renders the enemy soldier’s shield too unwieldy to use. The Divisioman’s short sword is their primary weapon. It is designed to be used in a stabbing motion, rather than as a slashing weapon. This gives the Divisioman a significant advantage in close combat against opponents with larger swords, such as the scimitars favoured by the Hentani, the longswords of the Defroni. The Divisioman is also equipped with a throwing axe and a dagger as tertiary weapons.

Artwork - 'Medieval Asset Pack' by Jama Jurabaev at Artstation.

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