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The Art of Translation - Jennifer Silva

Hello all,

Today is interview day, and we will be getting to know Jennifer Silva, the translator who has very kindly agreed to help me bring Vengeance of Hope to the Brazilian and Portuguese public.

PB: So, Jennifer, welcome to What made you decide to become a translator?

JS: I decided to become a translator because I always had a passion for books and the English language. There wasn't a moment in my day that I haven't a book in my hands, traveling for the pages wherever I was, or listening to music and trying to understand what the singer was saying, and translating the song, watching tv shows in English. So during the High School, I decided that I will work in a area where I could read books and translating them.

PB: Tell us a bit about your background and hometown.

JS: I finished my college of Letters this year, specific in Portuguese and English. I'm also finished my course of introduction. Three days on a week I give classes in a English course. My hometown is Rio de Janeiro, I love my city, the people here are very hospitable and funny. I grow up in a neighbourhood that the kids played on the streets of hide and seek and watched cartoons after school. I have an amazing nostalgia always when I think about that time.

PB: What was your first translator job?

JS: My first translator job was translating academic texts for my college.

PB: What is your favourite fiction genre and why?

JS: My favourite fiction genre is fantasy. I will try to explain that talking about my favourite book called The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. The plot has everything you want to read and find out in a book, an amazing principal character, tragedies, drama, romance, adventure and so much more. You can't stop to read until you get in the end of the book. That’s why I love fantasy, they are addictive and engaging.

PB: Tell us a bit about the process that went into translating Vengeance of Hope into Portuguese.

JS: The process is a bit long but very satisfactory in the end. I start reading all the page, then I start to translate for paragraphs and when I finished to translate the entire page, I start to review and edit, analysing the orthography. When I realize that the text is ready, I go to the next page.

PB: If your weren't a translator, what career would you be in?

JS: If I wasn't a translator I would be an English teacher.

PB: How do you spend your time when you're not translating?

JS: When I'm not translating I like to read and do reviews to the blogs that I administer with my friend called Coleções Literárias and The Nerd Kingdom, I also watch TV shows and movies, and go out with my friends and family.

PB: What are your long term ambitions career-wise?

JS: Someday I'd do my Master's and Ph.D. in Translation and maybe I'd travel to the US and Europe to attend major conventions in the universe of books and translation.

PB: What's next for you?

JS: Specializing more in translation area and continue to translating books for Babelcube.

PB: And finally, tell us a random fact about yourself.

JS: A random fact about myself is that I love drawing from an early age, and I do it sometimes when I miss it.

Thank you so much Jennifer for speaking to us today. It has been fantastic working with you. Don't forget to look out for Vengeance of Hope, or A Espera de Vinganca, as it will be known in Portuguese, which will soon be available on Amazon, Saraiva and Submarino!

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See you next time!


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