Author Spotlight - Brian Keator

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I hope you are all having a great week. Today's author spotlight is focused on historical fiction author and American Civil War expert Brian Keator.

Brian is an education specialist with a Bachelor's degree with honours from Binghamton University. He specialises in 18th and 19th century military history and warfare, including a premiere emphasis on the American Civil War. His extensive and unrelenting research of more than thirty years consists of not only the campaigns, events, politics and personalities of the era, but the social history, etiquette and social composition of the armies, as well as a deliberate understanding of the strategy and tactics throughout the linear age.

A Strong Brotherhood in Blood is a highly historically based fiction novel, commencing with one rural, nineteenth century family's experiences before centrally focusing upon a tight-knit pack of adolescent classmates. Like many mid-nineteenth century Americans, Taylor, Zachary, and Austin Strong, believe that it will be a swift, thirty-day war, with glory, adventure, and personal prestige going solely to those who swiftly enlist. With an older brother attending West Point, the younger Strong boys are swept with patriotism and commence upon a plan to get their entire and largely underage band in on the adventure.

A natural-born leader and icon, Taylor Strong instinctively takes charge of the plan and succeeds in mustering in the entire pack of boyhood classmates. Zachary Strong quickly and romantically notifies the town sweetheart of his departure, but Rebecca's heart has been forever fixed on Taylor. Despite the warnings and cautions from their eldest and battle-tested brother, Adam, and the undoubted knowledge of close cousins in gray, Zachary and Taylor Strong are resolute to their scheme to fight against the Southern Rebellion. Through disparity, disease, privation, warfare, and unrest, the strength and endurance of human bonds are severely tested. A Strong Brotherhood in Blood is extensively researched and based upon numerous, primary documents written by the common men who were there, and is a timeless story of psychological change, evolution, survival, and the perseverance of the human spirit. A Strong Brotherhood in Blood is the first book in a series set, including both a sequel and an innovative Confederate crossover novel that will satisfy both the novice as well as the professional historian. Its sequel, A Strong Conflict: In the Trenches of Darkness, was released in 2018.

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