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Zethun Maysith

Zethun Ddachmen Maysith is a Bennvikan politician. He was born to Moyevedd Maysith and his wife Roosigya (nee Rickabadae) in their country villa in the Halaevia Valley, Asrantica, Bennvika, in 1498 AU. This is his story up until the events of Vengeance of Hope.

Early Life Little detail is documented about Maysith’s early life, but what is clear is they it is one filled with tragedy. When he was six, his mother Roosigya died in childbirth. The infant, a daughter, was stillborn. Other members of his family were taken by the notorious Kebben Sea. His father remarried when Zethun was eight. His new stepmother, Bagaria, was a noble Lady from Asrantica and brought her five childre