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Bezekarl Alyredd

Bezekarl Rhyn Karadenhag Alyredd is a Bennvikan royal and nobleman. He was born in the temporary Alyredd residence on the site of what is now the Preddaberg Citadel, Rildayorda, Bastalf, Bennvika in 1503 AU. This in his story prior to the events of Vengeance of Hope.

Early Life

His father is Lord Yathrud Alyredd, Governor of Bastalf, and his late mother was Monissaea Alfwyn, the younger sister of King Lissoll III of Bennvika, making Bezekarl a cousin of Silrith Alfwyn, the heir to the Bennvikan throne. In 1518, Bezekarl also gained a much younger sister, Yathugarra, although their mother Monissaea perished shortly after the birth. Personal Life It is well documented by political commentators that throughout much of his childhood, Bezekarl is something of a jocular embarrassment in the eyes of his father, who at the same time, quite openly idolises Princess Silrith. He is known for his quiet disposition. People have varying points of view on this. It is said that his father, even, once commented ‘I agree that he who says least hears most, but what’s the use of that if it falls straight out of the other ear?’ It is believed that this jibe was in reference to his own son.

Still, in the hope of training this quietness out of Bezekarl, Yathrud paid for some of the greatest orators in Bennvika to come to Rildayorda to tutor Bezekarl at length in their silver-tongued art. Only time will tell whether or not their efforts have borne fruit. One tutor, whio has asked to remain anonymous, has quouted Lord Yathrud as saying 'do what you can with him', in reference to Bezekarl, whom the tutor had just met, and whom was a mere four years old at the time.

Image courtesy of Sharon Christina Rorvik at Unsplash.

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