October 28, 2019

Estarron is the deity worshiped by followers of the monotheist Estarronic faith, the official religion of the Verusantian Empire. The faith is notorious for its teachings that all other faiths are false and should not be tolerated.


Traditional Image

Estarron is usually depicted as a male humanoid with many snakes sprouting from the crown of his head. In many images he has a disconnected, crazed expression and is holding his arms wide.


Estarron features in many myths, and not only in the Estarronic faith, as he also features in some polytheist stories too. In each of these he is shown is an incredibly powerful god, but where in Verusantium he is portrayed as a heroic, commanding protector of his followers, in other faiths he is shown as jealous, hubris-ridden and vengeful.


There are many rituals that surround the Estarronic faith, including the cleansing of converts and the violently bloody luck ceremony.

However, the most famous is the ‘Washing’ ritual. This involves human sacrifice, where once a year, each village chooses a member of their community to be sacrificed to Estarron.

It is considered an honour to be chosen. Before the ritual, every member of the village in turn bathes in a large vat of water, washing away their sins. The victim is then doused in this water, before being tied down and having their throat slit. Their body is then burned on a pyre. It is believed that during the burning, their spirit rises to the heavens to be with Estarron, taking the entire village’s sins with them, so that Estarron himself may absolve them of their transgressions.


Artwork - 'Kratos' by Raf Grassetti at Artstation.

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