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The House of Alfwyn - A Biography of a Family

By the year 1520 AU, the House of Alfwyn had been the ruling family in the Kingdom of Bennvika for over two centuries. Here, we will look at how they rose to power.

Battle Standard

The Stallion of Alfwyn is anything but the rider’s horse. It is a wild, prancing, rebellious, untameable creature that snarls with uncontained rage.


Although they have been active in Bennvikan politics for over five hundred years, and have been the royal house for the last two hundred of those, the Alfwyns are said to be of Hingarian stock originally, arriving in Bennvika in the years that followed the Third Noble War.

Admaen Alfwyn became the first member of his family to be promoted to the Congressate in 816 AU, after gaining power and influence diring his tenure as a Demokroi in the two year period before that. The Alfwyns remained a middleweight noble family with lands on the northeast coast of Kriganheim province until Lord Noriata Alfwyn caught the eye of the Bennvikan Princess Bisstrilt in 1279.

The princess' older brother, King Ansdren IV, had already succeeded in marrying off his four other sisters into powerful marriage alliances, so when this new reached his ears, he was of a mind to indulge his favourite sister. Princess Bisstrilt and Lord Noriata were married with the year.

Rise to Royalty

The first Alfwyn monarch was King Komyans II (born 1281), the eldest child of Princess Bisstrilt and Lord Noriata. His ascending to the throne came about in 1308 AU when his uncle died childless.

Notable Members

Komyans II - The first Alfwyn monarch.

Queen Tefkia - Became the first Defroni princess to marry into Bennvikan royalty.

Genghred the Slayer of Innocents - Led Bennvika with such paranoia that his people rose up, deposed him, and exiled him to the Ustine Isles.

Bastinian the Great - Conquerer of the Hentani Kingdom.

Lissoll III - Led his father's campaign to invade the Hentani Kingdom.

Princess Silrith - A great philanthropist.

Artwork by Falguni Jain - @bookworm_falguni

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