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The Hentani

The Hentani are a trible who live in the south of Bennvika.


The Hentani may now live in Bennvika's south, but they previously resided in the what is now Bennvika's northwest until their eviction by Sedrunna Ironhammer in 612 BU.

In the wake of this tumultuous event, the tribe migrated south, where they set about building a kingdom that prospered independently for over two millennia before falling to invasion by Bennvika at the end of the Second Hentani War.

Beliefs and Festivals

The Hentani faith is a monotheist religion, where all worship is focused on the goddess Bertakaevey, who takes the form of a strongly built, matriarchal humanoid. She is often depicted alongside her companion, a bear named Usartin.

The Hentani are also known for their flamboyant festivals. One of these is the dramatic 'chariot' festival. It is considered a test of bravery, and forms a right of passage into manhood for any young Hentani warrior. During times of peace in the days of Hentani independence, these festivals were performed as often as once every lunar cycle in some villages, but after the Bennvikan invasion, the prectise became less common.

In those areas where it is still conducted, this festival takes place on the night of the full moon on any month where a boy within the village has reached his sixteenth birthday since the last time the festival was held. Over a period of days, a large chariot is built out of wood. Sometimes more than one chariot has to be built, if two or more boys turn sixteen within a short time of each other.

Then, on the night of the full moon, the boy will stand astride his chariot in a field with the entire village watching. The chariot will be set on fire and the horse made to bolt. The chariot is attached to the horse only with rope, and if the young driver is still holding onto the horse's reins when the chariot burns away and collapses from underneath him, he has passed the test, and is considered a man.

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