It's Release Day!

Hello all,

It's release day! My new historical short story book, Blood and Greed: Volume 1 is out now on eBook and in paperback. You can purchase yours here.

The four stories inluded in Blood and Greed: Volume 1 are:

A Bloody Day at Marathon After his home is destroyed and his family slaughtered, Theodosius thirsts for revenge. The Spirit of Poland Poland stands alone - and it’s fighting for its life. A handful of brave pilots embody the country’s defiance in the face of annihilation. Split Loyalties Its glory days may be over, but even in the tumult that engulfs the Western Roman Empire, Sigeric and Licinia are forced to wonder, does love really conquer all, or is that the preserve of the Roman legions? The Fate of Mari Carrying messages throughout the city of Mari is Bashaa’s life, but under the shadow of advancing enemies, his path is about to take a turn he could never have predicted. PLUS: Read the first chapter of Vengeance of Hope, the opening book in P.J.Berman’s award-winning ‘Silrith’ epic fantasy series!

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Happy reading!