The House of Rintta - Biography of a Family

The Rinttas are the governing family of the Bennvikan province of Asrantica. This is their story up until the events of Vengeance of Hope.


Despite having been an active part of Bennvika's land-based society for many centuries, the Rinttas proudly declare their decent from the Oroniscians, an ancient seafaring people known for their trading prowess. It is said that their ancestors were accociates of Vitrinnolf himself, and helped barter the deal behind the marriage alliance with Lomatteva that brought about Bennvika's birth.

Battle Standard

The symbol of the Rintta family is a white or sometimes silver trident on a black background. This is said to be a reference to their oceangoing heritage.

Rise to the Governorship

The Rinttas are one of the oldest noble families is Bennvika, and have been the governing family of Asrantica since Yustinir Rintta was appointed to the vacant post by the crown on 502 AU.


The primary Rintta family home is Saviktastad Castle, and this has been the case since 1161 AU, although much of what is viewable today was built during Gevryn Rintta's rebuilding of the castle between the years 1364 and 1372.

Notable Members

Vadinik Rintta - Caused a scandal in 1195 when it was discovered he was conducting affairs with two sisters from the House of Haganwold at the same time - while already married to a third sister from the same house.

Ddarwyth Rintta - In 1267 she punished a servant accused of sleeping with her husband by boiling her in a vat of water.

Bistrek Rintta - Led the Bennvikan forces to victory in the First Hentani War.

Zavor the Explorer - With his older brother Gevryn taking the position of Governor of Asrantica in 1359, Zavor pursued a career as an ambassador. His writings, which were created while on his travels, revolutionised Bennvikan understanding of the lands to the east of the Kebban Sea, and document those first cagey interactions between Bennvika and the aggressive Verusantian Empire.

Artwork by Falguni Jain - @bookworm_falguni