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Cover Reveal - Thérésa Hedges - Canis Maledictus

Hey everyone!

I am honoured to be taking part in paranormal romance author Theresa Hedges' latest cover reveal! Today we will finally see the cover of Canis Maledictus, the third book in The Dominic Saga.

Who better to describe this upcoming novel than the author herself. This is what Theresa had to say about her upcoming work:

"Ahead of its 2021 release, here’s the exclusive cover reveal for Canis Maledictus: Book 3 of The Dominic Saga. After their recent trauma, the Carlton-Ross family are making the most of a little peace and quiet… while it lasts. One thing is sure when you’re a vampire: the past has sharp teeth, and it'll bite you when you least expect it."

So, without further delay, here is the cover! Isn't it cool?!

I can't wait to try it!